Righton Fasteners to exhibit at FAST

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Thursday 10th May
National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham

The FAST Exhibition is back but with a new look - FAST Live! It is still the UK’s only specialist fastening, bonding and assembly exhibition for design engineers, production professionals, manufacturers and fastener buyers - and it is all FREE to attend!

Whatever you’re designing or producing FASTthere will almost always be a better way to put it together. Need to reduce costs? Keen to speed up production? Want your joints to resist vibration? Seeking a way to join dissimilar materials? Looking for lightweighting solutions? Then visit FAST Live.

FAST Live is your opportunity to meet with the true experts in fastening and bonding. Your time here won’t just save project or production time and money – it can also open up new and rewarding opportunities that you may not otherwise have considered!

Here are just a few more reasons why you can’t afford to miss FAST Live:

  • Find an innovative solution- Discover lighter, cheaper and better alternatives to traditional fasteners, see new joining processes and connect with some of the UK’s leading fastening suppliers.
  • Live product demos– Many exhibitors will be launching products, so come and experience interactive product demos in areas including adhesives, bonding, surface preparation, nut and bolt assembly and more.
  • Learn from technical seminars– Known to be ‘standing-room only’, the seminars focus on a variety of problem-solving solutions covering many engineering applications and design needs, including structural adhesives, lightweight fasteners, multi-materials joining, and bonding.
  • Network with fastening suppliers– Do you have a special requirement that needs a specific solution? Then this is the place to be and the people to see!
  • Time-efficient for you– With an early opening time of 8:30am, you can get in, get round, get fastening solutions and get back to work with the minimum of time and fuss.
  • Free entry to motorcycle museum– All pre-registered FAST Live visitors will receive free entry to the motorcycle museum collection (otherwise priced at £9.95).
  • Everything is free –FAST Live is free to attend, with free parking, free breakfast roll (if you arrive before 10:30am) and free wifi.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit Righton Fasteners at FAST. To find out more visit: www.fastenerexhibition.co.uk